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776. Hi, I have recently joined and am trying to construct a family tree. Does anyone know if the Carlow O'Haras came from the West. I was told Sligo. Im finding it very hard to get beyond 1859 in Carlow. Would appreciate any help.Thanks
Katie O'Hara
by  Kathleen (Katie) O'Hara

777. My O'Hara Family in Ireland - they were O'Hehir there but my uncles changed it to O'Hara when they were in the United States. I know my Great grandfather Micheal Hehir came from Ireland but now I'm stuck because I can't figure out the names of his parents in Ireland...
by  Karla Allen

778. Hi! I am looking for information of my grandfather's family. He is Edward O'Hara (1920-2005) from Glasgow. He moved to the US as an adult. He had a sister Kathleen O'Hara Ward (1924-2009) who lived in Glasgow, and a brother Gerald O'Hara who died in WWII. His parents were Michael O'Hara and Catherine Buchanan, both of Glasgow but I have no information on them. Any information on Glasgow O'Haras would be greatly appreciated!
by  Jennifer (Jen) Jurczak Caruso

779. My great-grandfather John O'Hara came from Killimore, Galway and was born in 1878. My great-great grandfather was James O'Hara born about 1850. His wife was Honoria Killackey. My great-great-great gandfather was Mathias O'Hara born about 1820. His wife was Margart Brenan. I believe this family spent time in Portumna, Kilemore and Taum. I think their home was somewhere in the middle of the those places. Their occupation was most likely carpenters/woodworkers. My great-grandfther John O'Hara, moved to the U.S. in 1899 and he settled in Rochester, NY. Other names associated with this family are: Kenney, Lawless, Killacky, Carolan, Larkin, Mooney. If you are connected or have information on the O'Hara's or Hara's from East Galway please feel free to email.
by  Mary from Rochester

780. Hi my name is Sharron and I have been looking for my 3 great granddad John O'Hara for the last 7 years and still can not find any thing at all . Can any one shed any light on my John O'Hara he was born in Galway, Ireland in 1817 he then came to England and married Elizabeth Ives from Oxford then lived in Birmingham and had four children . Thomas O'Hara 1842. Lucy O'Hara 1844. Fredrick John O'Hara 1846. Elizabeth O'Hara 1850. John died in 1854 in Birmingham he was a tailor by trade and so was Elizabeth his wife . Elizabeth married again to Micheal Fitzsimmons in 1857 . Lucy O'Hara was my 2 x great grandmother. That is all I can find out. So if there is any one there that could shed any light I would be so grateful.Thank you so much even if you can not help me thank you for taking the time to read this.
by  Sharron Allen

781. Hello,
I was looking for help finding my birth mother. Her name is Colleen Lynn O'Hara who lived in Lombard, a village in DuPage County, Illinois. She was 22 years old on Aug 12 1973. I was born in Elmhurst Memorial Hospital, Elmhurst, Illinois. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Michael Shulkin
by  Michael Shulkin

782. Hi, my name is Mark Anthony Ira Harris Lunningham. My grandmother on my father's side told me we are part irish but my wife's family did some genealogy and my wife told me I'm an O'Hara from a David O'Hara (from 1790 or 1890). Do you think you can find proof?
by  Mark Harris

783. My grandfather Walter Howard was born Birmingham, Al, in1904 .I came accross William O'Hara of Birmingham in1820 and am trying to find out if there is a relationship for William who was the grandson of General Charles O'Hara who surendered to Gen. Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte.
by  Timothy Patrick O'Hara

784. Good morning,
I am the great great grandson of Columbus Washington O'Hara of Alabama. We are trying to find out more about him. Any information you could share would be helpful.
Thank you, Kevin T. O'Hara
by  Kevin Thomas O'Hara

785. I am looking for Patrick James O'Hara Buffalo New York. He had sister Maureen and a brother named Don (columnist). I think 7 children in all. Father John O'Hara and mother Sophia O'Hara. He was stationed at Millington Naval Base Memphis, TN in 1970s.
by  Courtney Zurfluh

786. Gladys Martin: I am very interested in family history. Seeing your website gave me some inspiration to delve deeper into my own family history. Thank you.
by  Gladys Martin

787. There's plenty of information out on in O'Hara land about my gr-gr-gr grandfather, Oliver O'Hara b. ca 1790 or earlier who married Mary McIver and raised their brood in Bogues Town, Skerry's Townland in the Irish glens near Ballymena, Ulster, N. Ireland. No idea where he was born and raised although there is mention of a bountiful & kindly aunt. He had one brother, Charles O'Hara, and likely half siblings with the last name of Brown from his mother's second marriage as his father died when he was a young child. A family story is that he poached on his cousin's estate at Crebilly to put food on the table prior to emigrating in about 1832 after most of his children were grown. The entire family loaded up and sailed off to America on an almost seaworthy cargo ship. Don't know what happened to brother Charles but did see a passenger list ca 1840s for a ship headed for Tasmania with a Charles O'Hara and unknown wife on board. They didn't get along.
I never have been able to make a direct connection with my Oliver to the descendants of Teige O'Hara of The Route although a "grandmother" Jameson is mentioned . There is no mention connecting him, his brother, mother and his father, John, in the old historical O'Hara family genealogy records from Ireland that I've seen. I'm wondering if the John O'Hara who died in the West Indies supposedly without issue was his father. Also, some time back there was a historical note of an Oliver O'Hara wandering around the Caribbean (maybe a privateer) possibly in the late 1600s. That would have been a way to raise money to send back home to support the vast estates. Not a few Irish were, and are, rovers.
The reason for this new interest in my ancestor O'Hara's history is recent DNA findings of a bit of Sub-Saharan African from 'way back when (1700s). Being aware that the English sent their Irish military out to all sorts of miserable locations in the world during their empire building years and then the men mixed and cohabitated with the local women, I'm wondering about the possibilities of that having happened in my O'Hara genes somewhere out there in the sunny West Indies - and the beloved results were sent home to family in Ireland. Apparently that did happen occasionally - back in the time. Not that the folks back home were terribly thrilled or inspired to spread about the news, or record it in family history. I'm thinking Victorian era and before: Rudyard Kipling, Gunga Din, Sharpe's Rifles. Call it a vivid imagination at work. I've been doing a process of elimination only to discover the most likely in my gene pool (the usual suspects) - didn't or weren't. Which has brought me to "The Most Unlikely." I've been able to account for almost all of my unusual DNA results thanks to my years of genealogy research, not many surprises, but this one has me baffled. Are there any other O'Hara descendants out there with this interesting .2% anomaly?
by  Karen Engstrom

788. Im searching for my biological father Harvey O'Hara, last known where abouts El Monety, Ca. My name is Jacqueline, I was born in Ft. Worth, TX. May 1972. My mothers name is Teresa Bellah ..grandmothers name: Ollie Mea Knight (Bellah), aka. Jackie Bellah. Please contact me: 918-892-5586 (address; p.o. box 6075 Tulsa,OK 74148). I just wanna meet my Father, I've waited alot of years asking God and wondering if i'd ever get a chance to say "HELLO.'. plz contact me....
by  Jacqueline Poole

789. My maternal grandmother is Sabina O’Hara Parsons. Her family was from Salisbury, Connecticut. Her Aunt was Sabina O’Hara Hurley. I’m trying to trace her family in the Twins Lakes, O’Hara’s Marina, area. My grandmother had brothers Charles and George. Some of the family were from Bridgeport and West Haven Connecticut.
I believe her father (Joseph?) and his brother came to the US from Ireland in the mid to late 1800’s and settled on land at Twin Lakes where there was (and remains) a family compound.
If anyone has any information, could you please share? Thanks!
Lee Webber, 2095 Oyster Reef Lane Mount Pleasant, SC 29466.
by  Lee Webber

790. Does the O'Hara family have any details of the 'Valentine O'Hara' from the highwayman song? There is a running discussion on the folk music forum about whether the 'real' person was 'Allan Tine of Harrow' or 'Valentine O'Hara'. Some historical evidence of a military man turned highwaymen in the O'Hara family might settle the argument. Earliest publication of the ballad I can find is 1802, so would have to be before then and after 1617. From: Folklounge (Daniel Kelly). See also: YouTube channel (Daniel Kelly) and Valentine O'Hara.
by  Daniel Kelly

791. I'm seeking to learn about my great grandfather O'Hara. His father's name was Black Paddy O'Hara and his son my grandfather was Patrick John O'Hara born first generation in USA in New York. Black Paddy's father was named Anthony O'Hara. If you have read this far, much thanks.
by  Francis X. O'Hara

792. I am the grand daughter of Helen Grace O'Hara / Creux/ Harris. I understand I was related to the Engineer Mr O'Hara who was killed by a lion in Tsavo, Kenya. Looking for details of the family of Helen Grace O'Hara who married Dr Paul Alfred Creux, later divorced and married a Mr Harris.
Webmaster's comment: See also Message number 735
by  Nadine Claudette Creux


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