(Received September 17, 2001)

Dear friend

I am sorry to interrupt you. C.W. O'Hara, S.J. wrote a book, named "an introduction to projective geometry" in 1936. I need the full name of the author C.W. O'Hara, S.J. . Also I would like to know which is the family name in it and which is the first name in it. I can't find the person in your web. Would you like to do me a favor? Thank you very much!


Yihong Wu,
Beijing, China

Reply to:Yihong Wu

From Editor's Reply

Dear Yihong Wu,

I checked out your author in the National Union Catalog, Pre-1956 Imprints: A cumulative author list representing Library of Congress printed cards and titles reported by other American libraries (volume 428, 1976). His full name is Charles Willibrord O'Hara (O'Hara is the surname) and he was born in 1886. The joint author of the book on projective geometry was Dudley Robert Bryant Ward, born 1901; both were Jesuit priests.

The full title is: An introduction to projective geometry, by C.W. O'Hara S.J. and D.R. Ward S.J., London: Oxford University Press or Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 1937 & second edition 1944.

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