(Received December 9, 2002)

Hi James,

My oharafamily.info web site is a site for all people who are related in some way to my family which of course includes the O'Hara side. It has details of births deaths and marriages going back to the 1801 for the O'Hara's and many years before that for some of the other family names. I don't charge a fee, so I'm not trying to solicit any business by using your site. I just want to find more of my distant relatives. My ancestor Christopher O'Hara was transported to Australia in 1830. He later married in Australia and I am one of his decendents from that marriage. Christopher left behind a wife and at least 4 children in London. Our family has very little details about his first family and what happened to them after he was transported.

Thanks for putting a link on your site for me.


Steve O'Hara


E-mail: steven.ohara@sotech.co.uk

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