(Received August 5, 2003)

Hi - great site!

Hello from the O'Hara family of South Jersey U.S.A.
The Greatest Family Name there is!
My Family: Martin Anthony, Sean Michael, Kristine Marie, and Wife Christine.

Visit my site: WWW.OHARA.BZ

Good Luck and keep up the great work!

Sean O'Hara


I wanted to add some information, My Father was a pretty big radio personality, news anchor and had a pretty big Role in the Film "What's so bad about feeling good" I think it is from around 53. He has been deeply rooted in the NYC area for quite sometime. You may be able to find out a lot of info on his past jobs - roles, etc. His name is Martin O'Hara - I know he held a DJ job for many many years on WNEW AM, had News anchor positions in both NYC and Philadelphia - and the movie role.

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