Received July 13, 2001

Dear Mr. O'Hara

My Dad was George Patrick O'Hara.DOB 11-12-1877; his parents were Michael and Catherine Hewson O'Hara. His siblings were John, Edward, Michael and Mary Alice. They arrived from Liverpool approx. l879. They lived in Durham, N.C., Baltimore, Md. and NYC. Dad and John served with the lst North Carolina Volunteers during the Spanish-American War in l898. My grandfather was a chemist for a soap making company. Belive the family came from Sligo originally. That is about all I know.....please let me know if any of this sounds familiar. I am so very happy to have found your site and God bless you for putting it together. And that music....Dad always said we were decended from "Charlie" and he was very proud of the fact since Charlie surrendered Cornwallis sword to Washington. (Dad was not thrilled that Charles was English-Sorry).


June Pepin

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