(Received February 26, 2005)

Subject: Family of Patrick and Mary O'Hara, Ireland (1860s & 1870s)


My name is Mary and my mother was an O'Hara; her father was Patrick O'Hara and her mother was Margaret McLoughlin before she married; Patrick's parents were Patrick and Mary O'Hara and they had seven children: Thomas born about1864, James about 1866, John about 1877, Patrick (my grandad) about 1870, Richard about 1871, Mary C. about 1874, Agnes about 1876. My great grandfather worked as a warder in convict prisons in the UK and Ireland the older children were born in Ireland and the others in the UK. They lived in the Gillingham Chatham area. I think Thomas the eldest was born in Tipperary, his mother Mary was born in Queens County (now County Laois), Ireland. Some of his sons worked in the Dockyard.

I was wondering if any of these names were on your family tree.

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