(Received March 18, 2003)

What a wonderful site !

I learned so much about my background and was surprised to see my grandfather-Eliot O'Hara-listed here and here. He was quite a man and prominent in watercolor. He married Shirley Putnam the daughter of Herbert Putnam the Librarian of Congress for over 40 years.
My father Desmond O'Hara (Eliot's son) was a public health educator (1925- present) now retired. I own a business Farmhaus Inc. at http://www.farmhaus.com

Actually there were four brothers of the O'Hara clan related to Eliot. All were of some note. Dwight O'Hara was the President of Tufts New England Medical Center and Dartmouth's Medical School. Fitch O'Hara was a Lt. Colonel in the Army (WWII); Skidmore O'Hara was also a Lt. Colonel in the Army (WWII).

Happy St. Patricks day to you and I hope you can add us to whatever databases you are keeping. Thanks so much and again for maintaining this site. I learned so much about O'Haras--- it made me want to go to Ireland and I am buying tickets next week.


Gordon O'Hara

E-mail: gohara@farmhaus.com

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