(Received August 30, 2005)


Sergeant Miles O'Har(r)a (died 1876)

     Did you know that Sgt. Miles O'Hara killed at the Battle of the Little Big Horn and listed on your family geneology, also shows the last name spelling of O'Harra? I have his only known individual photograph in uniform. He was promoted to Sgt. the day before he was killed in the "valley fight" portion of the battle. He is noted in survivor's journals as the first soldier killed in that historic confrontation of soldiers and Indians.

    The Irish members of the 7th Cavalry are one of my keen interests, especially regarding the Battle of the Little Big Horn. My mother's maiden name was O'Harra and I have done alot of research concerning the family ... If you have any interest in any of the "other" O'Harras, let me know.

    Dick Weart

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