(Received May 21, 2005)


The history page at this site and the tribe's history

It is nice to see this site online, is there any plan to add any more in the history area, or perhaps links?

Respecting the tribe's history I have a copy of a book titled: "The Book of O'Hara", lots of tales of fighting and it's aftermath, have you heard of it? I have heard various stories about the name "Eadhra" and that our origins are near Tara and all. The movie "Gone with the wind" didn't help matters. Does Eadhra refer to a tribe and is there any reliable history connected to the name?

Congratations and best wishes on your progress.

Dan O'Hara

Email: danoh3@comcast.net

Webmaster's reply
... The intention is (in due course) to add biographical information on those O'Haras listed in the One Hundred Renowned O'Haras page. Contributions (or links) based on reliable historical sources are welcome. Regarding "The Book of O'Hara", see Father Frank's message (#57in the database of messages) ...

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