(Received May 17, 2005)


Our O'Hara ancestor who moved from Ireland to Scotland (mid 1840s)

Our earliest known O'Hara ancestor migrated to Scotland as a bridge builder, we believe mid 1840s. He helped on bridges in Ayrshire; h
e was a Navvie (?) - a bridge builder. He married Mary McClelland in Ayr, and their children were Robert (1856), our ancestor, Charles, Sarah, Anne Jane, Peter, Elizabeth. No information about where In Ireland he came from, or whether he was a boy, a young man or an adult. Believe his birth to be mid 1830s or earlier. Have no information on the other children beyond 1881 census.

Where are all those with the name of O'Hara who migrated to Scotland ?

Colleen (O'Hara) Slater

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