(Received January 2, 2003)

Dear webmaster@oharas.com

Subject: Letter of Admiration

MS. O'Hara,

You've always been my #1 favorite actress of all time and the only one, as there are no others! My favorite men actors are some of your leading men in the movies of yester-year, ie., Errol Flynn, Tyrone Power, Anthony Quinn, John Wayne, Gary Cooper, and the man that played Buffalo Bill Cody with you in one of your movies, as his name escapes me at this moment. It often does from a head injury I endured years ago. I do know his name and it disturbs me so much, as I feel ashamed I forget his name. The only living male actor I care about is Sean Connery. Ms. O'Hara, you are still so beautiful for about an 82 year young women and 60 year old women should only look half as pretty as you! Could this forgetful man I can't think of have a first name of George? This really bothers me. Please forward this letter on a print-out to Ms. O'Hara. How does George Montgomery Sound? I think I just remembered his name. Ms. O'Hara, may you reach at least the age of 102! As if I recall, it was the age of your late husband's, General's mother's age. When I think of you often, my heart skips a beat! May the Good Lord always be with you for years to come!!

A Lifetime Admirer,

Arlin Chesin
Gilbert, AZ.

E-mail: arlint@dotplanet.com

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