(Received March 18, 2005)

O'Hara Clan, Late Summer 2005 get-together in Wildwood, NJ

Any O'Haras interested in a huge get-together this September in Wildwood, New Jersey for Irish Weekend which will be held September 23,24,25 ? I thought it would be great for anyone that has the last name O'Hara should meet the rest of the Clan! I'm sure we could take over one of many Irish pubs in Wildwood. If Interested please e-mail me. I will send more info, If I get enough interest, we could make it happen.I think it would be great for all O'Haras to get together in Wildwood,New Jersey To meet up for Irish Weekend. I have attended Irish weekend for the past 10 years and Now I can attend with my Young Son!!

Bill O'Hara

Email: Mikcop45@aol.com

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