(Received April 22, 2002)

To whom it may concern,
While surfing the web recently I found my Family Motto. "Virtute et Claritate" I was wondering what this meant. I was hoping someone could help!
Thanks for your time, Bill O'Hara Jr.

Bill O'Hara Jr.


Dear Bill
That's correct! The crest I have in my living room has the Latin motto below it. Well "virtute" is the ablative case (by, with or from) of the Latin noun "virtus" which means, besides virtue, manliness, prowess, bravery, courage, determination, force, excellence, worthiness, and respectability; on the other hand "claritate" is from "claritas" meaning, besides clarity, bright, shinning, fame, and renown. So take your pick. I would translate the motto as "With courage and renown", but I will be happy to be corrected.
Jim O'Hara

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