(Received May 23, 2002)

Subject: Terence O'Rorke's ‘History of Sligo’ and ‘History of the parishes of Ballysadare and Kilvarnet’

Dear Jim,

It is marvelous what you are doing for the descendants of the O' hEadhra Sept in their World-wide Dispersion. I know that their presence and significance in their homeland has diminished significantly in last century and a half; but they are one of the most ancient and, in the early second Millenium, most venerable of Septs.

Are you familiar with the writings of the Irish Historian, Doctor T. O'Rorke of Sligo? He taught history at the University in Paris in the mid 1800s. He has written a "History of Sligo" and, prior to that he wrote a "History, Antiquities, And Present State of the Parishes of BALLYSADARE AND KILVARNET". Both of these works have been incorporated into a single book with 2 Volumes in one published by James Duffy and Sons of Dublin. It is an old volume, printed, I believe about 1878...I discovered a copy in the reserved area of Boston Public Library about 1972 and I was able to borrow it for a time. It contains marvelous history [particularly Kilvarnet Parish section] on the O'HARAS. O'Rorke [who, by the way is sited in the Foreword of "THE BOOK OF O'HARA"] quotes all of the Ancient Annalists and states, quite emphatically, that the O'Hara name is older than all of the Royal Families of England, Germany, Italy...Quoting O'Curry, O'Donovan and the Four Masters, he states that the O'Hara name goes back to the First Millenium; whereas, we know that most surnames did not come into usage until the early Second Millenium. He tells us that O'Hara preceeds McCarthy by 100 years; O'Brien by 80 years; and, O'Donnell by 300 years. I think you would enjoy His Works, if you could obtain a copy from some Library or Ancient Book Dealer. I took copious notes in the reading...Loved it!!!

Well, Jim I thank you again for all you do.

Father Frank

E-mail: FatherOH56@aol.com


Editorial note

The two works Father Frank refers to are listed in The National Union Catalog. Pre-1956 Imprints, vol. 433 (1976), as follows:

O'Rorke, T[erence]

History, antiquities, and present state of the parishes of Ballysadare and Kilvarnet, in the county of Sligo; with notices of the O'Haras, the Coopers, the Percevals and other local families. By T. O'Rorke.
Dublin: J. Duffy and Sons [1878].
Library of Congress, no. DA995.B1806

The History of Sligo: town and county. By T. O'Rorke.
Dublin: J. Duffy & Co. Limited [1890].


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