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The Patriot Film: General Charles O'Hara


General Charles O'Hara, Portrayed by Peter Woodward in the movie The Patriot (2000)
General Charles O'Hara does little but snivel to General Charles Cornwallis. He basically acts like General Cornwallis' lapdog throughout the film. The one exception is when he reigns in Colonel William Tavington during Benjamin Martin's visit to General Cornwallis under a flag of truce. What might have been O'Hara's 'big scene' at the end of the film when he surrenders to General George Washington following the Battle of Yorktown is reduced to a narration by Benjamin Martin.

The Patriot Film, Fact or Fiction: General Charles O'Hara
The movie character of General Charles O'Hara is based on the real-life Brig. General Charles O'Hara.

The Patriot versus History: Peter Woodward as Charles O'Hara
In the movie O'Hara had characteristics as being self important and slick but in actuality, he was favored by his men for his down-to-earth personality.

The Patriot Resource: British General Charles O'Hara
Born: 1940; Lisbon, Portugal. Died: February 25, 1802; Gibraltar. Battles: Battle of Guilford Courthouse, Battle of Yorktown. Early Life: 1740-1778. Revolutionary War: 1778-1782. After the War: 1782-1802.

Patriot-Battle of Yorktown
A short clip from the film The Patriot depicting the Battle of Yorktown and the Surrender.

Bad Romance - Tavington X O'Hara
A video pairing Colonel William Tavington and General Charles O'Hara together from the movie The Patriot.


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